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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Hydroelectric Energy

advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric energy, advantages of hydroelectric energy, disadvantages of hydroelectric energy
advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric energy, advantages of hydroelectric energy, disadvantages of hydroelectric energy

What is Hydroelectric Energy?

Hydroelectric energy is a form of energy produced by the moving water. It is derived from the Greek word ‘hydro’, which means water.

Hydroelectricity is the most widely used form of renewable energy. In this article we will dive into the waters of hydroelectricity and find out the different advantages and disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy, highlighting the pros and cons of the technology.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages Of Hydroelectric Energy

What are the advantages of Hydroelectric Energy?

1. Renewable And Reliable

Hydroelectric Energy is a renewable form of energy which is run by water which is recycled back to the Earth through the process of Water Cycle. Also, as long as there is water supply on the Earth, Hydroelectricity will be a reliable source of Energy.

2. Clean, Safe And Flexible

Hydroelectric Energy does not have any kinds of waste products or emissions or radiations that are harmful to the environment, which makes it a clean and a green source of energy. It is also a flexible source of energy since the flow of the water can be reduced according to the requirements of energy.

3. Economical

Once the initial hydroelectric dam has been constructed, Hydroelectric has a very low operating and maintenance cost compared to those traditional power stations.

4. Urbanization

Hydroelectric dams have a large reservoir on one side of the dam wall, which is commonly used not only for producing electricity via the dam but also for providing a water supply to surrounding towns and cities, which helps in urbanization.

5. Recreation And Tourism

The reservoir created with the hydroelectric dam can also be used as a recreational facility. Hydroelectric dams can also become landmarks for a region helping in the tourism industry, which provides a boost to the local economy.

What are the disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy?

1. Danger to the Ecosystem

A hydroelectric project causes interruptions in the natural flow of water. That affects the fish environments which can cause them to migrate and alter the ecosystem.

2. Expensive

Hydroelectric dams are notoriously expensive to build. They require lots of planning, engineering and construction is required which takes many years and a huge investment.

3. Floods and Droughts

Building a hydroelectric power plant can cause the occurrence of local droughts. Local populations in low lying locations can also become victims of floods due to possible strong water currents that might be released from the dam.

4. Relocation Of People

When the land needs to be flooded to form a reservoir for a hydroelectric dam, people have to be displaced. Many people are relocated to make way for a reservoir, destroying communities in the process.

5. No More Place

As hydroelectric dams have to be built in specific areas, the majority of these places have already been used.

Thus, it is essential to equate the advantages and disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy when planning to build a hydroelectric dam, because it should comply with safety requirements and should not compromise the environment and the people near it.


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