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What are Solar Roof Technologies?

solar roof, solar panel, solar panels, Solar Shingle, Solar Tile, Solar Glass Tile, Solar Roof Systems, Solar Pod, Solar Roll, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic
solar roof, solar panel, solar panels, Solar Shingle, Solar Tile, Solar Glass Tile, Solar Roof Systems, Solar Pod, Solar Roll, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic

Solar roof technologies began to involve in our lives in recent years. The solar energy applications for the roofs began to change direction with this technology which is developed apart from the solar panels. Solar roof systems have been developed due to the difficulty of assembly and labor of traditional solar panels and with the aim of marketing strategy.

Many companies in the world undergo technological studies for the solar energy systems. Solar roof systems are also included in these studies. And they are included as a new product to the solar energy market.

We are going to provide you information on solar panels for the roofs of your houses, i.e, solar roof systems in this article. Our list includes systems such as solar shingle, solar tile, solar roll, and so on…

Why Should Solar Roof Systems Be Preferred?

The product variety of solar panel types increased a lot in recent times. However, sadly most of the solar panels on the market are not suitable for the roofs. It is because traditional solar panels have frames such as aluminum which makes them heavy. It is really challenging to install the solar panels on roofs because they are heavy.

Also since traditional solar panels are not flexible and roof applications are in the second plan during the invention and development ideas, they are not suitable for the roofs. This is why, solar roof systems, which are advanced technology and an innovative idea, should be preferred.

These systems look more aesthetical and they are also easier to install. Also, solar roof systems are more practical since they are developed according to the area where they are going to be placed. As an example, you do not have to make a hole in your roof. Now, let’s briefly check these systems.

Solar Shingle Roof Systems

Solar Shingle

Solar Shingle roof systems can generate electricity by using the shingles on your roof. Thus you will not disturb the look of your roof as well as generate free electricity. Of course, the yield of solar shingle roof tiles is substantial. The average yield of shingle roof tiles that generate electricity from the sun is around 13%.

250 units of these tiles can cover up to 304 square meters. The cost for 304 square meters is around 10.000 American Dollars. There are few companies that manufacture solar panel shingle parts on the market. It is expected that soon it will spread to the whole world market as well.

Just Lay with Solar Tiles

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are a great solution for sloped tile roofs. It is possible to directly generate electricity by using them as your current tiles on your roof. These solar powered tile systems have the same visual features with the usual tiles. You can both generate electricity and protect your roof thanks to its function with this system.

Frosted Solar Glass Tile

Frosted Solar Glass

Frosted solar glass tile, which is developed by a Swiss-based company, is another solar powered roof material. The Swiss company won an award for this roof material. So, it is an award-winning design. The roofs where these tiles are used have frosted look. It also prevents the heat loss of your house a lot. We are going to share a detailed article about the frosted solar glass tiles in the following days, which has many other features.

Special Block Solar Roof Systems

Special Block Solar Roof

This solar powered roof tile has a completely different structure than the previously mentioned ones. Block solar tiles, which have flat and rectangular shape, generate free electricity from the sun and it does not disturb the look of the house. Each of these tiles can generate up to 67 watts energy. Currently, the company which manufactured the block solar tiles continue their operations to improve the energy generation to 100 watts. Also, it offers 50% save on labor and time when compared to the traditional solar panels. However, there is 15% cost difference between the usual solar panels and block roof tiles. So, tiles generating electricity from the sun are more costly.

No Holes in Your Roof with Solar Pod !

Solar Pod

The SolarPod system is a technological product only developed for the house roofs. In fact, this product is developed to prevent any damage on the roofs during the assembly of the traditional solar panels. The company claims that you do not have to make a hole on your roof in order to use this product. So, it will be enough to buy this product and place it on your roof which has just one connection with both sides of your roof. You do not have to fix it with a screw on the roof. Of course, you may ask, why the wind would not make it fall? Yes, according to the claims of the company; their product can stand winds up to 208 km per hour.

Just Lay with Solar Rolls

Solar Roll

Solar Roll technology is a very innovative idea. It is possible to generate electricity with solar roll by rolling it on your roof. This product is very light and it can stand for all kinds of external factors. It is also easy to assemble too. It is enough to place the product and push with your feet. It will roll and be placed. However solar rolls have one disadvantage which their yield is really low.


As a result, the above mentioned solar energy technologies are specially developed for the roofs of house users. As you know, solar energy evolved into a giant industry. Even big oil companies like Total makes serious investments in the solar energy industry. It seems like solar roof technologies will provide the opportunity to its manufacturers to get a share from this giant cake.


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