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World’s 6th Largest Solar Energy Plant is in Mersin, Turkey

Solar Energy Plant is in Mersin

Şişecam Company built a 6.2-megawatt solar power plant on 79,300 square meters area by laying 23,804 solar panels on the roof of their sheet glass plant in Mersin. This is not the first initiative of the company in the field of renewable energy sources as well.

This plant built on the roof of the sheet glass plant in Mersin is the 2nd largest plant in Turkey and Europe as well as the 6th largest plant in the world.

The solar power plant project at the factory, which is built in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone and has 177 acres indoor and 570 acres outdoor area, began in April 2017, and it began to operate in November of the same year.

şişecam solar power

The special solar glasses which are used in solar panels are produced in Mersin Sheet Glass Plant of Şişecam and more than 38,000 square meters of energy glass has been used in this investment that cost 22 million Turkish Lira (1 Dollar = 3,91 TL). Annually, 3,547 tons of carbon dioxide emission was also prevented thanks to the solar power plant on the roof.

It was noted that Şişecam wants to reach 12 megawatts installed power in renewable energy production until 2022, the company provides significant contributions to the goal of “Accessible and Clean Energy” within the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the investments in the field of renewable energy.

Hundred Percent Domestic Production

Everything is 100 percent domestic production including the plant panels on the roof. 23,804 solar panels with special energy glasses used in the 6.2-megawatt solar plant produced in sheet glass factory of Şişecam which is the only plant that produces solar energy glasses in Turkey.

Waste Heat Power Generation Plant

These glasses can absorb the solar energy up to 94 percent and transmits it to the photovoltaic cells. Thus, higher energy efficiency can be achieved. It allows more light to be supplied to the solar cells by minimizing the radiation losses due to reflections on the glass surface with the high-performance anti-reflective coating on the low-iron frosted glass.

In this way, solar panels can generate 9 percent more electricity. There is also Waste Heat Power Generation Plant in the plant apart from the solar energy plant. The plant, which has 5.5 megawatts installed power, began to operate in March 2016 with 9.1 Million Euro investment.


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