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Microsoft’s Historical Solar Energy Agreement

Microsoft's Historical Solar Energy

Technology giant Microsoft signed the greatest institutional green energy agreement of the United States history. The company declared that they are going to buy 315 MW of electricity from the solar energy production facility in Virginia.

Microsoft, which made an important decision in 2016, announced that they want to use renewable energy sources the majority of the electricity the company uses. Microsoft, which claimed that the company already uses solar, wind or hydropower sources for the 44 percent of the electricity used in the company’s server centers and they plan to increase this ratio to 50% towards the end of 2018 and increase it to 60% in 2020.

The company, which made important investments in order to reach its goal, is one step closer to its goal with the decision to buy 315 MW from solar energy centers Pleinmont I and Pleinmont II that produces 500MW of electricity. Microsoft President Brad Smith said, ” Our goal in this project is not just buying megawatts, but to facilitate the access of others to renewable energy sources.”

He also stated that Pleinmont I and II facilities, which are already in the process of being built, will be built on a land larger than 2,000 acres, there will be 750,000 solar panels and the plants will generate 715,000 MWh of electricity annually. It was emphasized that the all of electricity need of Virginia can be met when the project will be over and the state will be supported by renewable energy.


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