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Solar Energy Will Provide Income to a School in Turkey

Solar Energy Will Provide income

The electricity of the school will be met and income will be provided by selling the excess energy to the city thanks to the solar panels built on the roof of a private school in Merkezefendi, Denizli city.

The administrators of the private school, which was established in the area of ​​22,000 square meters in the Saruhan neighborhood of Göveçlik in 2014, realized the use of renewable energy sources in order to generate the electricity to meet the needs of their buildings. In this context, 1906 solar panels were installed on the roofs of 4 buildings in the school.

The electricity needs of 200 administrative rooms, 60 classrooms, workshop, laboratory, semi-Olympic swimming pool, gym and conference room will be met with the solar power thanks to the system.

Founder of the College, Fatih Canpolat told that their electricity costs are over 20,000 Turkish Lira (1 Dollar = 3,96 TL) per month and they installed solar panels on the roofs of their school in order to cut these expenses with the help of renewable energy sources.

Canpolat also told that they have been working hard to conclude the necessary permits about a year and they have been using the electricity they have generated about the past two weeks, he also noted that this project will be an example for the other schools in Turkey.

Canpolat also expressed that they provide training to their students about the renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, conservation of the environment, waste management, ecosystem protection.

The System Will Pay for Itself in 6 Years

Although solar panel installation is costly, Canpolat emphasized that the system will pay for itself in 6 years and noted the following:

” We meet all of our mechanical, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting with the solar energy. When there is no sun, we use the energy we have stored with the batteries. We will also prevent the release of 265 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with this project. This is important in terms of increasing the awareness of our students. Our students are now more aware of renewable energy by witnessing the system on the roofs.”

– The system will generate 800,000 kilowatt-hours of energy in a year.

Canpolat told that the system has 40 years of a lifetime when it is used in the maximum level.

Canpolat also noted that they are going to sell the excess energy to electricity companies, ” Our school used to consume 500 thousand kilowatt hours of energy per year under normal circumstances. We are going to generate 500 thousand kilowatt hours of energy per year thanks to this system and we are going to sell the excess energy to the city. We will also get rid of the future rises in the electricity prices. We are going to invest the income we obtain from this system for the needs of our school.”


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