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Solar Powered iPhone X Tesla | $4.500


The solar energy continues to penetrate into every aspect of our lives. Almost every day we encounter new and brilliant ideas. Solar-powered iPhone X Tesla is one of these products.

Caviar, Russian smartphone accessory manufacturer company, created a special accessory for iPhone X and thus, created iPhone X Tesla model. This accessory, which is unique to iPhone X, has one solar panel and this panel is connected to the battery of the smartphone. In this way, electricity is generated with the solar energy and the smartphone can be charged.

Caviar Company announced that they will be selling the iPhone X Tesla smartphone for $4500. In case you want to buy a smartphone which is expensive than iPhone then this may be the smartphone you are looking for.

Features of iPhone X Tesla

This expensive smartphone is the modified version of iPhone X. It has quite light and durable coating. Also, golden coated used in many parts of the smartphone. According to the claims of the Company, this case is waterproof and resistant to dust.

The first model of the iPhone X Tesla will be gifted to Elon Musk. In addition to this, they will produce the model for a limited amount which will be 999.

The Company doesn’t share what type of a solar panel has been used on the smartphone. However, the solar panel on the smartphone can charge the iPhone X Tesla very quickly.

It is not clear that whether the iPhone X Tesla, which is for rich people, will be available worldwide.

iPhone X Tesla Images

In case you want to purchase iPhone X Tesla, you can view the images of this smartphone before you get it.


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