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First Solar Energy Driven and Multifunctional Disabled Chair

Solar Energy Driven and Multifunctional Disabled Chair

The disabled chair, which is named as “EYA” and created by the students and teachers of Bolvadin Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey introduced in TÜBİTAK Science Exhibition.

Bolvadin District Governor İbrahim Özkan, AK Party District Representative Ömer Dayı, public institution chiefs and other invitations attended to the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The Principal of School Ömer Peker, who informed the participants about the vehicle, emphasized that the vehicle is created with the goal of eliminating the difficulties of the disabled people in their daily lives. Peker, who introduced the vehicle, noted that EYA vehicle is operating with the solar energy, can reach up to 60 kilometers/hour speed and can operate for 200 kilometers with the TRY 7,000 production cost. Ömer Peker also noted that disabled people can get into the vehicle with their current disabled chairs and they can travel longer distances with EYA.

School Principal Peker stated that batteries which are charged with solar power can also be charged with 220 volts of electricity. Peker, who noted that the vehicle is charged quickly due to the use for thin batteries and still being charged while in use, also said, “We have created the vehicle in about 5 weeks with the opportunities we have. The total cost of the vehicle is TRY 7,000. The vehicle created by the students and teacher of Electricity -Electronics, Machinery, Metal, Furniture and Interior Design Technology departments. We began our efforts for the patent application. The vehicle will be modernized in the future. We are looking for support to do so. Another feature of the vehicle is, disabled people, can charge their electric chairs while they are driving the vehicle.”

Peker also said that the vehicle can travel for 100 kilometers without stopping and without any load, he also said:

“The average safe speed is 40 kilometers/hour and you can speed up to 60 km/h. However, the brakes and suspension system should be altered. The vehicle consumes 5 kWh in 100 kilometers without any load, which costs only TRY 3. The solar charge panels consist of specially made semi-flexible panels. Each solar panel generated an average of 1 kWh energy per day. There are two solar panels, if the vehicle will be charged until the evening after traveling for 100 kilometers, it can travel 100 more kilometers. These distances calculated without any loads and they may vary with the load.”

The visitors who received information on “EYA” from the principal and teachers expressed that they really liked the vehicle and also they are proud that such a vehicle is created in a vocational school in their country.

Solar Energy Driven and Multifunctional Disabled Chair Pictures:

solar powered handicapped vehicle

solar powered handicapped vehicle-2

solar powered handicapped vehicle-3

solar powered handicapped vehicle-4

solar powered handicapped vehicle-5


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