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Giant Solar Project Akören SPP Began to Operate !

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The renewable energy investments, which began to spread all over the world, policies and practices developed by the countries in these lines demonstrate the importance of this industry. Turkey manages to take part in this global market both with its geographical position and investments.

Ümitli Enerji Inc enjoying the proud of their contribution to the country and industry by realizing their akören SPP (Solar Power Plant) project with a capacity of 5.5 MW in Vezirköprü district of Samsun. Akören SPP Solar Power Plant, which began to operate in February 2018, is established on an area of ​​86.000 square meters and has a total capacity of 23,872 solar panels. The company aims to generate an annual average of 8,000,000 kWh of electricity and prevent 5.500 tons of carbon emission per year.

260-watt CSUN brand solar panels and 83 units of Schneider inverters are used in the plant which provides electricity to about 5.400 houses in a year. Other equipment finalized the project perfectly by being supplied by the pioneer suppliers in the industry.

Ümitli Enerji Inc, which aims to continue their investments in this path, accelerates their efforts to become active in all areas of renewable energy sources and to offer a greener future for the public.

Akören SPP Presentation:

Images from Akören Solar Power Plant Project:

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